Hospitalist First. Hospitalist Only.

Hospitalist Billing Inc. (HBI) is the first and only U.S. billing company focused exclusively on Hospital Medicine. Our Hospitalist Billing services merge revenue cycle and operational expertise to offer comprehensive billing and collections solutions. We convert claims into reimbursement. As a result, hospitalist services can be assured of a steady revenue stream. 

Our clients are the ultimate beneficiaries of our laser-like focus on Hospital Medicine.

HBI Beginnings

HBI is owned and operated by the Founders of Resource Billing and Consulting (“RBC”) and Salient MD (“SALIENT”).

Resource Billing and Consulting is a privately held company formed in  1999, and presently provides billing and collection services for twenty-five (25) physician practice groups, including the Valley Hospitalist Group in Visalia, CA.

Salient MD is a privately held company formed in 2004, and has been  focused on Hospital Medicine since 2010. Salient offers an array of Hospitalist consulting and management services to hospitals and groups that operate Hospitalist Programs directly. 

It is through their mutual Hospitalist client (Valley Hospitalist) that the Principals of SALIENT and RBC established their connection and trust; ultimately leading to our HBI commitment.

Not Just a Billing Company

The principals of HBI understand medical billing but more importantly  grasp the full spectrum of the hospitalist revenue cycle.  We are immersed in hospitalist program consulting and management. We interact with hospitalist physicians and practice administrators daily. We understand hospitalist workflow, hospitalist challenges, and the metrics by which programs are evaluated by host facilities. That experience, expertise, and perspective permeates every ounce of our hospitalist billing enterprise - strategies adopted and services delivered.